My Favorite Sheet Mask

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably willing to try out just about anything if it means you could get better skin. This means you probably also have a medicine cabinet filled with skincare goodies that would make a Sephora shelf jealous. No skincare collection is complete without a couple of sheet masks. When sheet masks first came on the scene, a lot of us were skeptical. Could a wearing thin sheet that causes you to resemble Jason from Friday the 13th really improve your skin? While I too was once skeptical, I have since found a sheet mask brand that has turned me into a believer, and that brand is Patchology. I recently picked up the Patchology Mood Mask sheet mask from Anthropologie. This mask retails for $5 so I decided to pick up three different versions, The Good Fight (an acne fighting mask), Get Dewy With It (a hydrating mask), and Just Let It Glow (a healthy glow mask). The first one I tried (and probably my favorite) was Get Dewy with It. As soon as I opened it up I was impressed by the texture and the amount of product it held. Unlike some sheet masks that feel watery, the product of this mask felt more like a creamy serum. I decided to use this mask when my skin felt brittle and dull as it is self-declared as a “mega moisture” mask that contains hijiki algae, rose of jericho, and cult favorite hyaluronic acid. The masks says to leave it on for 10 minutes or longer, so I decided to really let it soak in and leave it on for about 30 minutes. When I took the mask off I was surprised to see that my skin felt more hydrated and plump. I felt like my skin really drank up the product and was more supple as a result. I highly recommend this using this mask before an event, as it leaves your skin as a smooth canvas for makeup. The other masks were also effective (I noticed my zit shrink after using The Good Fight). I recommend these masks to anyone trying amp their skincare routine.

patchology masks
Patchology moodmasks 





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