Kylie Skin: Savior or Scam?

serum_720x If you’ve paid any attention to the latest trends in skincare, you would have noticed that Kylie Jenner came out with her own skincare line, Kylie Skin. Wrapped in millennial pink packaging, the skincare products were quick to catch the eyes and attention of consumers. While many die-hard Kar-Jenner fans were quick to reach for their debit cards when they heard about the launch, some dermatologists weren’t so trusting. Much of the controversy was surrounded around the fact that many of the products contain walnut, an ingredient that in the past has proven to be harsh on skin.  Everyone close to me knows that I am perpetually on the hunt for a vitamin c serum (hence my blog’s name), so when my birthday rolled around my sister gifted me the Kylie Skin Vitamic C Serum. The serum will cost you $28 for 0.7 fl oz and contains camellia oleifera leaf extract. When I first used the serum I was surprised to find that the texture was heavier than I was expecting. While some serums have a thin, watered down texture, this one is on the thicker side and resembles a creme. On the Kylie Skin site, it recommends using a single pump morning and evening. Within about a week of using the product, I started to notice that my skin looked brighter and more radiant, my sister even commented on my complexion. While I haven’t been using the product long enough to determine whether it helps with fading acne scars, I plan to use it long enough to find out if that’s a feature. For $28 I think she could have at least given us 1 fl oz, but 0.7 isn’t so terrible considering other serums will run you around 40 bucks. In all, I think Kylie did a good job with this serum and if it is any indication of her other skincare products, the line seems promising. I don’t always see an almost instant improvement in my skin with formulas, so this was pretty impressive. I’m going to try to get my hands on her eye cream next and keep my fingers crossed that it performs as well as the serum.


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