Why Sunscreen Should Be Your Best friend

Contrary to popular practice, sunscreen isn’t just for when you’re laying out on the beach roasting yourself like a rotisserie chicken. This should be an essential step to your skincare routine whether you’re living in Malibu or an igloo in Antarctica. UV rays are STRONG and even if you don’t see the damage as pronounced as you would when you’re tanning sans shade for hours, the sun is still affecting your skin, even if it’s through a window. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely gotten a tan from driving on a sunny day. If that’s not enough proof that you need to protect yourself from UV rays, maybe these benefits of sunscreen will convince you:IMG_3979

  1.  Sun protection UV rays are extremely harmful and can have damaging effects on skin. Sunscreen minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin, preventing skin disorders and damage.

  2. Keep complexion even You know those women you see with glistening, even toned skin that looks like she just stepped out of a fancy skincare commercial? She probably wears sunscreen everyday. Sun damage is one of the major causes of uneven skin tone. This can sneak up on you as you get older so it’s best to prevent them now instead of trying to find a way to get rid of them once they’re already formed.

  3. Helps protect against visible signs of premature aging As much as we’d all love to quit our day jobs and lay out in Jamaica all day under the sun, it might not be the best thing for your skin. Overexposure to sunlight increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen can help protect your skin against those rays and the effects of premature aging.

  4. Reduces risk of cancer Sunscreen is effective in reducing the risk of developing skin cancers, especially melanoma . Melanoma can be life-threatening so it is extremely important to take proper precautions to prevent it.

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