Eucalyptus Shower

eucalyptus shower headIn 2020 I’m all about turning my home into my own personal oasis. I’m practicing mindfulness and self-care in ways that I haven’t in the past, and although growth can be painful, this journey has been life changing. While I am working heavily on mental growth, I have decided that when I lose motivation to grow mentally, I’ll practice mindfulness and self-care in physical ways, in hopes that my mind will follow suit. I’ve always been a “getting ready” girl. I can get ready for the day in 10 mins if I need to, but I’d much rather spend 2 hours, taking my time, listening to music and sipping tea in the process if I can. In order to add more mindfulness to my routine, I decided to get dried eucalyptus and set up eucalyptus shower head 2a eucalyptus shower in my bathroom. Eucalyptus showers help with distressing, clearing your mind, breathing, and freshening up your bathroom, which I’m sure we could all use some help with! Aside from all the health benefits, it also serves as really pretty decor. I love using house plants to decorate and bring the outdoors in. This adds a nice pop of color to my mostly neutral bathroom. While you can purchase dried eucalyptus at pretty much any plant shop or market, I purchased mine at Anthropologie. I loved the rustic brown paper bag wrapping it came in and plan to use the remainder of bunch in a floral bouquet. If you’re thinking of trying out your own eucalyptus shower, you can purchase the one I got here.


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