Brighten Up A Small Space On A Budget

If you’re anything like me, you probably want your space to be an oasis. Whether it’s your tiny apartment, desk, or bedroom, each space that you acquire should incite inspiration and motivation. I’m a big believer that the small details make the biggest difference so I try to make the space I’m in as inspiring and true to me as possible. Here are decorating tips that leave me feeling creative and ready to take on my day:

  1. Books as decoration: I love a good coffee table book. Not only do books serve as a great conversation starter, but the beautiful covers and spines also make for great decor. I have a couple stacked books on top of my dresser that brighten my space and give me something to read when I’m in the need of some inspiration.
  2. Fresh Flowers: I think we can all agree that flowers are beautiful and have a place in the home. I like to have fresh flowers both in my kitchen and in my bedroom. It’s a small gesture that instantly brightens my day and my mood.
  3. Jewelry Holder: I wear jewelry on a daily basis and like for it to be easily accessible. Instead of leaving my jewelry in a boring jewelry box, I instead have cute, colorful holders that I leave on my drawer. It makes finding my pieces easy and serves as a nice pop of color and art piece in my room.
  4. Plants: I love bringing the outdoors in. Having plants and growth in my home is essential. Having a cactus and bouquet of dried eucalyptus in my bedroom, like flowers, brightens my mood and inspires me when I see growth. Plants add a great pop of color and uniqueness to any space.
  5. Perfume Holder: I have multiple perfumes and spray one on everyday so I decided to put them on display in a pretty way. I have this vintage looking jewelry box that I decided to use as a perfume holder. It’s so pretty and allows me to organize my perfume in a way that makes it easy for me to contain and see everything.

How do you decorate your space? Comment your tips!


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