Free People Finds: More Than Just Boho Clothes

Shopping at Free People is like entering the world of an edgy boho girl who does yoga in the morning (while simultanously eating an açaí bowl) and goes to a concert in the city at night wearing sparkly Jeffrey Campbell platform heels. Not exactly me, but I like to pretend sometimes! While Free People is primarily known for their unique kimonos and fringe skirts, they have so much more to offer. From crystals to slow juicers, Free People has a ton of interesting wellness finds you’ve probably never noticed. Here are some of the wellness products I added to my wishlist. Dream with me, shall we?

  1. Hurom Slow Juicer Nothing gives you the false illusion of having your life together quite like drinking a green juice everyday. And if you’re the one you made said green juice you’ll feel even better. Watch as people’s eyes widen and they view you as the health god you are when you point to your delicious, moss colored juice and say “oh this? I made it at home, and the juicer’s from Free People.”
  2. The Art of Snore Blue Light Glasses Whether you have prescription glasses or not, we have all at one time or another tried on a pair so we could see if it gives us a certain sophistication. Well, now even those with 20/20 vision can protect their eyes and get that sophisticated look with blue light glasses. This pair is trendy and the style is flattering so add them to your cart and feel like the studious, chic woman that you are.
  3. The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Collagen Boost There’s nothing quite like a good skin day. Nothing will boost your confidence and make you bust out your selfie stick quite like seeing yourself with flawless skin and a glowing complexion. I’ve tried this collagen supplement in the past and was impressed by how it not only enhanced my skin but also tasted delicious. Cheers to clear skin!

Comment below your favorite Free People finds!


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