What To Buy At Anthropologie If You Have Money To Waste

Anthropologie is a magical place filled with whimsical decoration, glistening candles stacked to the sky, and a bunch of useless (but cool!) pieces you probably don’t need. Here are some fun Anthropologie items that your wallet probably won’t add to your cart but will let dream on in your wish list.

  1. The Foggy Dog Bow Tie I don’t even have a dog and I want this. This colorful, abstract doggie bow tie will definitely have your pup win the award for chicest pup in town.
  2. Brooke Boot Tray This is 100% unnecessary and I 100% considered moving this from my wishlist to my cart. This gilded boot tray will add a sophisticated touch to any entryway.
  3. Cheshire Chandelier This chandelier is absolutely beautiful. The crystal, floral design and gold leaf finish will transform any space into an elegant oasis.

I absolutely love Anthropologie and secretly (or not so secretly) wish I could purchase everything on their site. What are some Anthropologie pieces you wish you could snag? Comment below!

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