The $24 Product You Need If You Want To Look Fresh-faced and Healthy

Ever since high school, I’ve always loved blush. I love how alive, healthy, and feminine it makes me look. The first blush I fell in love with was Pink Swoon by M.A.C. I wore this everyday for years and even though it’s no longer my go-to, I still have one sitting on my vanity. As I mentioned in my Everyday (Corporate Job) Work Routine post I prefer to use a lipstick or cream blush over powder blush. A cream blush allows for a more natural finish that will stay on the skin longer. It has a more buildable coverage which helps avoid the overdone, clown look. The newest blush product that I’m trying out is the Albeit Multistick.  I got this in shade “Bare Rose.” This is a rosy, pink satin color that gives you a really radiant, natural finish. Because this is a multi-use stick, it can also be used on your lips and eyes. 

How To Use

Pull the cap off and glide the product over cheeks once and blend. Depending on your skin tone, this may not be enough coverage. Continue to glide and blend until you have the desired finish. If you use too much product, all you have to do is blend, blend, and blend again until it fades into your skin.


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