How To Style A Blazer (Emily Ratajkowski Inspired)

Blazers are a staple piece that every woman should have in her closet. Once upon a time blazers were reserved for dusty closets, boring business meetings, and those who value practicality over style. Today, blazers have proven to be edgy, cool, and a great way to elevate an outfit even after 5pm. Model Emily Ratajkwoksi does blazers better than anyone. She’ll take a simple blazer and use it to transform her outfit from plain to model-off-duty chic. Here’s a look at some of Ratajkwoski’s best blazer looks that you can recreate for yourself.

Jeans and a t-shirt

This blazer takes a simple, everyday outfit and makes it polished. Ratajkowksi’s blazer paired with jeans, white turtleneck, and white sneakers takes transforms this outfit from boring to chic. Instead of throwing on a regular, everyday jacket, try a blazer to elevate the look.

Belted Blazer

This is a very unique and stylish way to wear a blazer. This gives you a cozy, oversized feeling while looking put together. Emrata paired this again with jeans and a turtleneck, however, this time she ditched the sneakers and added heels. This makes the look even more dressed up.

Blazer and Skirt Duo

In the summer it’s easy to throw on a skirt, crop top, and demin jacket and call it a day. Adding a linen blazer instead of a denim jacket makes for a light feel and an unexpected look. This set that Ratajowksi is wearing takes an everyday style and makes it special. Once again she adds sneakers to make the normally formal look more casual.

The Blazer Dress

A blazer as a dress is my all time favorite way to style this piece. The fact that it’s a blazer makes the look sophisticated while the low neckline and short length makes it sultry and fun. This look is great paired with heels and boots. Wherever you wear this you will be sure to stand out!


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