NY Towns To Visit: Nyack

When most people think New York, they think bustling city streets, zooming taxis, and mutated rats that live off of pizza and the fear of tourists. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t fret! The iconic state of New York has much more to offer aside from Manhattan. Nyack, NY is filled with romantic architecture, unique, cozy shops and food so good it will keep you coming back. Here’s a glimpse of my day at Nyack.


My first stop was Bari. When you enter Bari you feel as if you’ve entered into a rustic rainforest (that happens to serve organic juice and the best falafel). Not only is this restaurant beautiful, but it also has delicious food cooked with organic ingredients. I recommend trying the falafel and taking the chocolate chip banana bread and vegan chocolate chip cookies to go.

The PickWick Book Shop

Nyack has a ton of really cool stores that you won’t find in a mainstream mall and the Pickwick Book Shop is no exception. This is no ordinary bookstore, you’ll find books (old and new) stacked from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Not only can you a great book but you’ll have fun picking it out too.

Boxer Donut and Espresso Bar

Did you even really go to a cute town if you didn’t end the day at neighborhood cafe? This espresso bar has brick walls, string lights and an assortment of coffee, tea, and pastries. The eccentric images and antique decor that hang on the wall gives this donut/coffee shop a really cozy, cool vibe.


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