#Anthrospiration: Cute Mug Edition

I’m a sucker for a good mug. My cupboards overflow with all different types of mugs that range from seasonal to initial to plant themed, you name it. If you want to add a little excitement to your warm beverage experience, I recommend adding a mug that you love. Anthropologie is the mug queen, they always have the most fun, unique designs. Here are some of my favorite Anthropologie mugs.

Whitney Winkler Home State Mug Are you even from your home state if you don’t rep it on your mug every morning? This mug makes for a unique and sentimental girl for anyone who’s just moved to a new state or who is simply a lover of their home state. For now it looks like they only have the “New York” style available.

Gold Accent Mug The gold accents on this mug gives it such a cool stylish vibe. I love the feminine feel and the classy sparks that the gold accents give.

Weekend Mug Nothing gives you that Friday feeling quite like a specialized weekend mug. Something about drinking out of a mug that’s meant for a specific day adds a little spice to an everyday coffee or tea routine.

Levi Mugs, Set of 4 This mug makes me feel like I’m sipping coffee made by my lover as I sit sun-kissed on the porch of our lake house early on Sunday morning. You know the feeling? Me neither, but this mug makes it easy to pretend! I love the rustic, woodsy vibe this mug has.


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