The Best Cleansing Oil (BIODERMA Atoderm Anti-Irritation Cleansing Oil)

This cleansing oil is enough to make a you a “shower person.” I ordered the BIODERMA Atoderm Anti-Irritation Cleansing Oil by accident, thinking it was a facial cleanser, but it turned out to be the greatest mistake. This shower oil smells and feel luxurious, like a day at a fancy spa. It leaves me feeling clean and silky smooth. I recommend oil based body washes to anyone who has very sensitive skin because they will cleanse your skin without stripping you of moisture, while also adding an extra layer of hydration. When I get out of the shower my body feels like a blank canvas ready to soak in oils and lotions.


– Oil-based body wash
– Atoderm: For dry to sensitive skin
– Subtly-scented
– Non-greasy
– Hypoallergenic
– 24-hour hydration
– Key ingredients: vitamin C, vitamin E, niacinamide
– Free of sulfates, parabens


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