Revamp Your Bathroom at Urban Outfitters

I don’t know about you, but I love bathrooms. I see a fresh, clean, well stocked, and beautifully configured bathroom, and I start to faintly hear the Hallelujah choir singing. Whether you’re a skincare junkie who spends copious amount of time in front of the sink or you simply just want to take your bathroom to the next level, check out these bathroom products from Urban Outfitters that are sure to make your bathroom your favorite room.

Bath Mat

I prefer my bathroom to have a clean, minimalist feel. Instead of piling in a lot of pieces, I like to have fewer pieces that flow well in the space. Bath mats are a simple way to open up a space and add a pop of color and style. The Bathing Beauty Bath Mat and the Get Naked Bath Mat are a couple fun options from Urban Outfitters. I love the delicate, artistic touch of the Bathing Beauty mat, while the Get Naked mat adds a unexpected, cheeky touch to any bathroom.

Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser

Typically, bathrooms are filled with various colored shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles. A simple and stylish way to rid yourself of those bottles (while keeping all your favorite products) is to empty the product into one of these reusable shampoo and conditioner dispensers.These white dispensers create an organized and minimalistic feel.

Storage Mirror

If you’ve always wanted to take an IntoTheGloss inspired “shelfie,” here’s your chance. Put this Plymouth Sliding Storage Mirror over your sink to add extra storage to your bathroom. I love storage mirrors because they give me extra space and allow me to see all my skincare in one place instead of lost in a sea of skincare in my bottom drawer, or flooded on the sink. I like how a storage mirror gives me enough space to not have to put any skincare on the sink.

Shower Curtain

When you walk into a bathroom, one of the first things you’ll notice is the shower curtain. I like white shower curtains because they open up and lighten the space. I like that this Tufted Dot Shower Curtain because it’s simple yet it has a detailing on the bottom.

Corner Shelf

This Wesley Corner Shelf is perfect for storing your bathroom products without taking up too much space. Stick your lotions, creams, and even a plant or two on here to create an ambient atmosphere.


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