Simple Homemade Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

Quarantine has only reinforced what I already knew to be true, I am addicted to iced coffee. Before the pandemic I was the person who would suffer from coffee withdrawals and before starting any challenging task at work, I would slip out to grab a drink from Starbucks (because somehow having an iced latte in hand makes even the most troubling situation a little less daunting). By day 3 of quarantine the lack of iced coffee was really starting to get to me (and give me a midday headache) so I decided to hop on Pinterest and find an iced latte recipe. To my surprise, I found that Starbucks has definitely been ripping me off (okay, not that surprising) because not only is this easy to make but it also comes out almost as good as anything you’d buy from a coffee shop. Here’s my simple homemade iced vanilla latte recipe:

Brew coffee I use a French Press but really any brewing method will work. I let the coffee sit for a little so it’s not too hot when I pour it in the glass.

Fill a glass with ice You need a lot of ice because if the coffee is too hot it will melt all the ice.

Add 1/4 milk I like to use almond milk.

Add 1/4 vanilla coffee creamer I use a Trader Joe’s brand vanilla creamer.

Add coffee and stir

Enjoy! Comment below what your homemade coffee recipe is.


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