Urban Outfitters Bedroom Decor You Need

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores to shop at for home decor and storage. They have a bunch of cool, unique pieces that are a little more fun than something you’d find at Target (although I do love Target). Check out some of the home decor I currently have in my Urban Outfitters cart.

Ashton Mango Wood Mirror

I’m in love with this mirror. The size and wooden frame makes it the perfect mirror to open up a small space while adding a rustic feel. Once you have a full length mirror you’ll never be able to get dressed without one. And if the mirror looks good in your room it’s a double win.

Kirby Hutch Desk

This desk is a great size for a bedroom or small apartment because it’s compact enough to fit into a small space while also having convenient shelving for you to fit all your desk needs.

Leaning Bookshelf

I love how this bookshelf has a very unique, rustic, ladder look while also being a great size to fit in a bedroom. This will allow space for your books, plants, and any other decorative items, while also being a cool decor piece.

Pipe Clothing Rack

Buy this rack and say goodbye to the days of asking yourself “what I’m going to wear tomorrow?” This rack is a great piece to have because it allows you to stay organized and plan outfits ahead of time. I like how it has a ledge on the bottom for shoes so you can have your look ready to go from head to toe.

Kirby Storage Bench

I absolutely love a good shoe rack. Especially if that shoe rack rack can be disguised as a bench or table. This storage bench has a bottom shelf for shoes and top shelf that can be used to put plants, books, candles, etc. This is great for a bedroom or foyer so you can leave your shoes there and have a table to drop your keys off at.

Comment below which product you’d like to add to your home.


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