Why You Should Stay Off Your Phone and Tips To Make It Happen!

Technology is a wonderful invention that has allowed us to use our time more efficiently, stay connected wherever we go, and entertain us in situations when we would have otherwise been very bored. I’m grateful for the impact technology has had in my life. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to see my grandma laying in bed as she video chats me in the Caribbean, I wouldn’t have music to keep me pumped as I go for a run, and I wouldnt be able to check the weather before I leave the house. Technology is truly awesome. Unfortunately, as much as it’s made my life easier, it’s also made it harder in ways that our ancestors would have never imagined. I’m sure we all feel a little disgusted when we get a screen time notification at the end of the week (thanks for the reminder, Apple!) because it’s a blaring sign that we most likely spent most of our time watching other people live their lives than we lived ours. During the course of this pandemic, I decided that I would make an effort to dedicate more of my free time to living than to watching. It isn’t always easy, sometimes I don’t know what else to do besides scroll on Instagram.

While it may seem like social media’s only issue is that it’s a waste of time, it actually can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Our brains are wired in a way that causes us to react to everything. When we jump on our phones first thing in the morning and look at the picture perfect, toned, and delicious lives people are “living” on Instagram we start our days with comparison and most likely negative feelings of our own very real and very beautiful lives. There is so much beauty in the life you’re living and you don’t want to overlook it because you’re busy mindlessly scrolling and comparing yourself to fake people.

These days, you may find that you struggle with finding a hobby (another sad effect of too much social media use). If you’re struggling to remember what people did in the good ole days before social media, check out these ideas:


Okay, this definitely isn’t a revolutionary suggestion but most of us don’t read as much as we’d like to. Reading is just as entertaining as watching tv, plus the added creativity level is great for the brain. There is an endless world of literature out there waiting to be read. Some of my favorite books are The Handmaids Tale, Gone Girl, and Girl on the Train.


Journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and ease anxiety. I like to journal about how I feel, what I want, and what I’m grateful for.


Painting is not only fun, but also therapeutic. Throw on some relaxing music, grab a cup of tea (or a cocktail, your choice) and unleash your inner Picasso. You may end up impressing yourself!

Do Yoga

I love beginning and ending my day with a good stretch. Yoga has benefits that range from promoting mindfulness to improving flexibility and aiding in injury protection.

Connect with Someone

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives and distractions that we forget to connect with the people around us. I’m definitely guilty of going out to eat with someone and spending more time on my phone than I do with the person in front of me. Life is short and we should spend all the time we have connecting and truly knowing our loved ones.

It’t not easy to get off social media, but it’s worth it. We deserve to live our lives to the fullest and we can’t do that if our eyeballs are glued to the phone. Comment below what your hobbies are!


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