Gift Guide: “In The Company of Women”

I love gift giving. I love gifting the people I’m close to with presents that are unique, personal, and something they’d want but probably not think to get themselves. I’m not the type of person to gift someone with necessities. One of my favorite things to give (and receive) is a coffee table book.

When I stumbled across the book In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney, I was captivated by the cover. I loved the bright clean look and the collage of successful female entrepreneurs. When I opened it up and skimmed through over 100 interviews of women, I knew this needed a place on my coffee table.

Why It’s A Good Gift

This book can double as a decorative piece and as a dose of inspiration. There are so many beautiful and motivating quotes in this book that inspire me to get up, get out, and follow my dreams. This is the perfect gift for any woman who is on an entrepreneurial path, trying to get ahead in her career, or who simply is a “woman’s woman” who loves watching other females kick butt. Even if the gift receiver isn’t a reader, this works perfectly for anyone who likes decorating with books. This looks good either placed on a table closed or opened to a quote or artsy photo.


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