Berries and Banana Smoothie Recipe

There’s just something about having a smoothie in the morning that makes me feel like a #healthgoddess. But seriously, smoothies are delicious (I know sometimes those colors can be a bit suspicious, but trust me) and they are a great way to start your day feeling full and packed with nutrients. Normally I have a “green smoothie” that consists of kale, spinach, and pineapple. I decided to try something a little different and that led me to a berry smoothie. I’ve made this smoothie for a couple days now and I’m so happy I decided to try it out. It’s delicious and full of health benefits.

Why You Should Add Mixed Berries To Your Diet

Berries are great to add to your diet because they are loaded in antioxidants, high in fiber, help fight inflammation, can help manage and prevent diabetes, can help prevent mental delicate, and do so much more. Adding berries to a smoothie is an easy way to get all your nutrients in one shot.

My Berry & Banana Smoothie Recipe

  1. Add half a cup of a berry mixture (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry)

2. Add half a banana

3. Fill to top of mixture with almond milk

4. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of collagen powder

5. Blend and enjoy!

This smoothie is absolutely delicious and so refreshing and filling in the morning. If you’re used to green juices/smoothies, this is a great smoothie to interchange that with because your taste buds will be happy to try a new taste while you nourish your body. Comment below if you’d try this smoothie and what your smoothie of choice is.


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