The Exercise You Can Do At Home That Won’t Bore You

At the beginning of March I decided to give myself an exercise challenge. I wanted to go to the gym 10 times that month. I was super pumped and got so competitive with myself that by March 17 (the day I decided to practice social distancing) I was already just days from my goal with plenty of time to spare. Flash forward and now gyms are closed and going to the park is a health risk. Quarantine offers an abundance of positive opportunities. Opportunity to read more, get to know myself better, take bathes instead of showers, and finally organize that junk drawer (that has not and probably won’t happen). It unfortunately also made room to pick up some negative habits such as snacking too much, binge watching shows until your eyeballs dry out, and getting yourself hooked on an unhealthy sleep schedule. If there was anything I knew I’d be avoiding, it was gaining weight and watching my health diminish during this pandemic.

I decided to do some weighted glute workouts and strength training but quickly got bored. My days already felt so routine and lackluster that repeating the same motion over and over wasn’t going to cut it. In an effort to spice things up, I decided try to out PopSugar fitness dance cardio exercise videos on YouTube. I instantly fell in love with the various routines and the vast selection of videos to choose from. The instructor splits the entire dance in three pieces and teaches the viewers choreography step by step. The pace is great because they start slow when teaching the viewers the moves and slowly pick up pace. I’ve been doing dance cardio everyday (along with running) for about a month now and have already noticed a difference in my legs. The dance routines include plenty of jumping and will leave you with calves of steel.

Some of my favorite routines can be found here, here, and here.

Have you ever tried dance cardio? Comment below what your quarantine workout is!


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  1. Love the idea of a dance cardio routine! I’m a poledancer, which is mostly strength and flexibility based but has an element of choreography/rhythm which is what I think makes it so fun.
    From reading your post I think I’ve just realised that’s what I’m missing from my home workout… I’ll have to give Popsugar a try.

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    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      Wow you must have amazing strength! And yes It’s so fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

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  2. Exercises can be boring and I think we must start by doing those that we love. Amazing post

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    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      I totally agree. There’s an exercise for everyone out there. If it’s boring, it’s probably not the right one.

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