Perfect Way To Start The Day: Yoga

It’s easy to get lost and drawn your thoughts in the overwhelming noise of the world. If you’ve been feeling cooped up, overwhelmed, and irritated, yoga is a great practice to implement into your daily routine. Yoga will leave your mind and body rejuvenated and centered. I’ve been practicing yoga for about about a month now and it’s already helped me so much. I feel more at peace and aware of my mind, body, and emotions.

Tips For Practicing Yoga

Comfort is Key

The whole point of yoga is to be comfortable so you can reach a place of peace. You won’t get to that place if you’re tugging on and adjusting your clothing. It’s best to wear either a sports bra and leggings or a form fitting shirt with tights. If form fitting isn’t your style- no worries. Wear whatever is comfortable even if it’s a tutu and combat boots.

Use a Mat

If you don’t have a mat and you want to start today, don’t fret. Start in whatever way you can. As you continue, it will benefit you to use a mat. The cushioned mat will give you the traction needed for certain stretches.


I haven’t yet started doing yoga at a studio, for now I’m still practicing at home. I love doing yoga on YouTube because it allows me try different “instructors” without commitment. The first video you try, probably won’t be the one you’ll practice religiously. Take time to find a style, instructor, and pace that works for you. I like to watch Yoga with Adriene. She has a vast selection of videos that are tailored to various needs.

I hope you all take time to try yoga. Even if it’s not the exercise for you, it’s a great way to practice breathing and awareness.


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