5 Step Pamper Routine (For The Mind and Body)

Do you ever have days that you just feel kind of blehhh. Like no matter what you do, you’re always dry, flakey, and slightly annoyed and tired. Those days are the worst. That’s why I decided to create my own pamper routine that’s good for the mind and the body. This routine caters to my shallow needs (smoother skin, softer hair, more radiant appearance) while also getting to the root of the issue, my negative mindset that’s allowing me to pick myself apart and feel icky in the first place. Here’s what I do when I want to shift my perspective and feel my best:

Hair and Body Shower (use a hair mask)

There’s just something about taking a shower that makes everything a little better. It’s like the steam melts all the problems away. If you’re feeling gross, a simple way to feel better is to clean yourself. Use a soap that you love, crank up the water, put some music on and relax. Using a hair mask will make your hair feel soft and healthy, instantly making you feel more attractive. I love thinking in the shower and sorting through my thoughts. This is a great time to be by yourself and work through your emotions.

Steam Face And Meditate

If you don’t have a facial steamer you need to get one. Seriously. Facial steamers are amazing because they open up your pores and give you radiant skin while also feeling like your own personal mini sauna. I love steaming my face and meditating by taking deep breaths and focusing on my physical body.

Groom Your Fingernails

Nothing will make you feel like a disheveled human being quite like unsightly fingernails. I like to file my nails and apply nail polish when I’m feeling like a mess. Having clean, painted nails makes me feel like I (kinda) have my life together.

Read book or Watch an Inspirational Video

Now here’s the time to really focus on your mindset. At this point you’re probably feeling a little better now that you’re looking better, so this is the perfect time to start really adjusting your mind. When I feel like I’m lacking confidence or going into a rut I love listing to an inspirational podcast or reading a book that motivates me. Some of my favorite people to listen to/read are Tom Bilyeu, Marie Forleo, Glennon Doyle, Jen Sincero, and Ed Mylett. I highly recommend consuming their content if you want to get out of your whiney mood and into a more productive state of mind.


Journaling is the best way to get over your bad moods and get into a healthier state of mind. If you’re feeling insecure take the time to really ask yourself what you feel and where this feeling is coming from. That way you can actually work through how you feel and know how to quickly work through these feelings in the future.

Conquering a bad day isn’t easy but it’s necessary to do if you want to be in a healthy state of mind and achieve all the exciting goals that you have for yourself. Comment below what your mind and body pamper routine consists of!


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