How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

When used properly, social media is an incredible tool that can be used to connect with others, help you grow and keep you entertained in moments of boredom. Unfortunately, it also has the ability to suck you in and make you more unproductive than you’ve ever been. It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of social media and become unproductive and unhappy. Here are tips on how to use social media so you’re using it to your advantage.

Follow People You Know and Like

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised to find how many people follow accounts that they don’t like. Just because you went to school with someone, doesn’t mean you need to follow them online. Just because you’re related to someone, doesn’t mean you need to follow them online. Ever so often I like to go through my social media following section and unfollow anyone who upsets me or whose values do not align with mine.

Follow Accounts That Inspire You

Whether it’s about a person, travel, or food, you should follow accounts that you’re passionate about. If you like how someone lives and you aspire to have a life like that, follow them. If you’ve always dreamed of backpacking through Europe, follow a European travel blog. There’s millions of people on Instagram and there’s bound to be accounts that inspire you and make you want to live an amazing life.

Unfollow Accounts That Promote Negativity

While popular accounts like The Shaderoom boast 18 million followers, the message they send is toxic. When following accounts like The Shaderoom I found myself being more judgmental and negative after viewing the constant criticism and “cancelling”. Even though I didn’t start following more positive accounts right away, unfollowing a negative account had a positive effect on me.

Follow Hashtags

If there’s a particular topics that inspires you and makes you feel passionate, follow it! Hashtags like #positvity or #motivationalquotes will show you popular posts from people who are using the hashtag. Following a hashtag will expose you to topics that you’re interested in beyond those you follow on your own.

Engage With Likeminded People

Social media is a great place to form a community and engage with people who have the same interests. Starting conversations with people who think like you and have similar interests could lead you forward in your journey of self growth. You won’t go very far if you’re interested in personal development but only following people who complain all day.

These days it feels almost impossible to not have any form of social media. Although social media can easily become more of a burden than a good thing, it’s important to use it to your advantage. Proper usage can keep you inspired and motivated to achieve your goals. Comment below how you use social media.

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