Vision Board Ideas That Will Keep You Focused And Lead You To Your Destiny

As I mentioned in my previous post, having a vision board will lead you confidently and more quickly in the direction of your goals. If you’re struggling to figure out what type of images to put on your vision board, check out this list:

Quotes That Inspire You

I love putting inspirational quotes on my vision board because they keep me inspired and focused. I like to make my own quote photos so it can match the aesthetic of my vision board. Follow my motivation quote instagram account here.

Places You’d Like To Travel

Most of us have dreams of traveling but are in the habit of putting it off until we live our whole lives never going. Keeping a photo of places you want to travel to on your vision board will keep you focused on saving for the trip and making plans to go.

Somewhere You’d Like To Live

When you spend time in a place you love, it’s like a breath of fresh air. People are greatly effected by their environment so you don’t to compromise on where you live. Put photos up of the house you’d like to live in (interior and exterior) and the neighborhood.

Someone Who Inspires You

Putting someone who inspires you on your vision board is a great idea because every time you see them you’ll be reminded that it’s possible to live the life you want. That person is living proof!

How You’d Like To Dress/Look

How would you dress if you lived your dream life? If you had your dream bank account? Be clear about how you want to present yourself to the world and remind yourself of it daily.

Lifestyle You Want To Have

Whether it’s a photo of a family, someone taking a cooking class, or a person running a marathon, it’s important to have a photo that reminds you of the lifestyle you want to have. It’s great to go on trips and live in a certain house, but if you don’t know what you want your day to day to be like, you still may find yourself lost and unable to achieve your goals.


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