Why You Should Ditch Your Phone During The Day

Did you know that studies have shown that even having a phone in sight can reduce your creativity and productivity. You don’t even have to use the phone, you just have to see it. I think based on that fact alone, we can all agree that although technology has incredible benefits, it can also hurt us and lead down a dark hole. When I’m going about my day I find myself constantly picking up my phone and mindlessly scrolling through social media watching other people live instead of living myself. This is harmful because if we are constantly consuming media, we’ll be never have the awareness to tap into ourselves and fulfill our dreams. The first step of achieving your goals is to be conscious. If you’re struggling to get off your phone, this what you can do to achieve your goal:

Put your phone in another room

You can’t be distracted by something you don’t have. Putting your phone in another room curbs your craving to scroll on social media and allows you to work on a task without being distracted by a vibrating phone.

Delete distracting Apps

One of the most effective ways I resist overusing my phone is by deleting the Instagram app. Instagram is the app I’m most addicted to and the app that’s most detrimental to my mental health. Even though it can keep inspired, it also has the ability to cause me to compare myself to others and get distracted for hours on end. Even without the app , you can still keep in touch with your loved ones through the platform by logging on through a computer. Because the app is designed in a way that encourages you to scroll forever, you’ll find that when you’re using it on the computer you won’t be as interested to spend hours on it.

Put your phone on “do not disturb”

Some of the biggest distractions come from other people. If you find that it’s hard to resist checking every text message that pops up on your phone, turn on “do not disturb.” This is a great option for people who like using their phone to listen to music or podcasts but who don’t want to get distracted by every notification that pops up.

It’s important to monitor your screen time and make sure that you’re not overusing technology. Comment below the methods you use to resist your phone during the day.


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