How To Revamp Your Workspace For Optimal Performance

Whether you work in an office or at home, it’s important to create a workspace that is productive for you. Because we all have different needs, this will look different for everyone. Some people feel best at a desk while others work better sitting on the floor against the wall. Some people find that color promotes a better work flow while others would rather see a plain, organized space. Here are some of my favorite work from home tips:

Add a flowers or a plant

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I love bringing the outdoors in because it’s very healing and adds a level of peace. Having a flowers or a plant in your workspace creates a therapeutic atmosphere and can even reduce stress and fatigue and clean indoor air by absorbing toxins. I love getting plants and flowers from Trader Joe’s.

Keep a vision board near by

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It’s important to stay motivated as you work so you will be inspired and more focused. Keeping your vision board in your workspace is a great way to stay motivated because you’ll have your goals right in front of you reminding you what you’re working towards.

Ditch your phone

Phones are a major distraction that have no place in your workspace. Ditch the phone and allow yourself to be creative and imaginative without the buzzing of a phone.

Tip: if you use your phone for music, blast the volume and put the phone across the room where you can’t see it.

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I believe that creating a workspace that you love is incredibly important. A proper workspace can keep you inspired, motivated, and focused. How do you decorate your space?


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