Aspects Of Quarantine Worth Bringing Into Post-COVID Life

It’s been a looooong few months. It feels like a lifetime ago since COVID-19 hit and quarantine started. At this point sitting at my desk at my 9-5 job and then hitting the gym after feels like a distant memory. Remember when we could leave the house without running back inside to grab a mask? Those were the days. While there are some obviously tragic and inconvenient aspects to this pandemic, it has also served as a great lesson and the wake up call that I needed. Being home served as a great opportunity to reevaluate life and habits. Here are some quarantine habits I’m happy to bring into my post-quarantine life.

Less shopping

Before quarantine I shopped like it was a sport. It was one of my favorite and most convenient pastimes because it didn’t involved any special gear or planning in advance. All it took was an open store and a slender debit card. I didn’t realize how much money I used to waste until I was forced to stay home. Once I saw myself putting away thousands in my savings account and clearing out my medicine cabinet without flooding it right back again, I realized maybe all those people who told me I shopped too much were on to something. Society leads us to believe we need another gadget or outfit, when in reality we can find peace and satisfaction within ourselves. Although the temptation to shop is still strong, I’m grateful to have acquired this new understanding.

Increased reflective time

Coronavirus paused the world. It took us from busily running from one task to another to being forced to sit back and breathe for a moment. Like shopping, I had no idea that I was running around and busily doing nothing until I stopped. Before COVID, I spent countless days just going through the motions. COVID gave me time to meditate, journal, and be still. This stillness is something I’ve come to cherish because it has allowed me to be reacquainted with myself.

Increased exercise

Because I had more time to reflect, I created an updated list of priorities. I decided that I value my health and I want to better myself and my health by engaging in more exercise. Before COVID, I was bored with my workout routine and the whole heavy lifting life. I was striving for an Instagram body and started to resent exercise because of it. When I started to exercise and try different types of workouts that I actually enjoy, instead of working out because I want to look a certain way, I started to look forward to my walks and dance cardio sessions. Toning up and liking how I look physically has been an added bonus.


When I first started staying home for an extended period of time I realized that if I wanted to stay sane I’d have to get creative. Normally I would use my free time to watch a show or scroll through social media. That got old fast and then it was back to the drawing bored. Extreme boredom has a funny way of manifesting into creativity if you let it stick around long enough. Soon I found myself doing my crafts, trying new workout routines, taking more walks, and creating more than consuming. I have used so much more of my brain than I ever have and I love how it feels.

For many people this has been an uncomfortable, scary, and devastating time. I’m extremely grateful that I have not personally been effected by the virus and that my loved ones are safe and healthy as well. Even though there has been so much devastation and fear, there are so many positive things that can come out of this situation that we should not lose sight of. Comment below which quarantine habits you would like to keep!

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  1. maiiflowerr says:

    I have hardly been working so during this time I’ve learned to SLOW DOWN. Usually I’m go go go every second of the day, but I’ve learned to find sense of purpose in other things besides work and volunteering so that I don’t feel down about myself in the midst of other friends still working. I have started to quit the Productivity olympics and I’m hoping I can remember this after covid


    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      I’m so glad you realized that and got the opportunity to slow down! it’s sooo important!

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