This Book Will Help You Host A Memorable Party

What makes a party memorable? We all love to go to parties for the people but if we’re being honest we go for more than that. Simple tabling and decor touches on the food table will take a regular party and turn it into something memorable. I don’t know about you, but every time I hear someone mention a great wedding, birthday dinner, holiday party or any other special occasion, they always mention the food. Food is a major part of society, it brings people together like nothing else. If you want to be known as the hostest with the mostest, you not only need to put effort into the food but also the presentation. I picked up this book, Platters and Boards, from Anthropologie and was totally inspired to host a memorable, instagram-worthy food presentation. This book gives you delicious and trendy boards for any hosting occassion.

Boards are great for appetizers because they make for a beautiful presentation that is unlike the typical appetizer table. Get creative by putting toppings and snacks in tiny bowls. Pay attention to food pairing so you can create the ultimate snacking experience. Mix salty and sweet by providing salty pretzels with sweet chocolate. Fruit is always safe and is a great pallet neutralizer and should always be included on an appetizer table.

To create an even more beautiful presentation, add flowers to scatter around the table. This brings an element of elegance and life to the table, drawing guests towards it. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, even a single rose in a thin glass vase will add spice to an otherwise ordinary table setting.

A make your own hot cocoa is a cozy, fun way to get guests involved. I recommend a board like this if you’re inviting friends from different walks of life. Doing something crafty together is a delicious conversation starter and is bound to get people bonding. Make the toppings visually appealing by adding vibrant toppings such a rainbow sprinkles. This board pairs beautifully with chocolate or vanilla wafers and cookies.

If you’re interested in hosting a memorable and visually pleasing party, this book will help you to be become the best host your friends have ever encountered. Comment below your best hosting tips!

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