How To Make More Money

Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are bad people. Money will ruin your relationships. We’ve all heard these ideas about money. As much as we all want more money, most of us have deep-rooted negative beliefs surrounding money and the people who have it. I grew up seeing my parents have money and lose money and I saw them want money while at the same time spewing negatively about those who have it. These contradictory statements led to me believing that we need money and having a lot of money is desirable, yet if we have too much of it bad things will happen. I watched shows that showed wealthy, unhappy families being compared to poor, happy families. Viewing this type of media led me to believe that wealthy families are unethical people with dirty secrets and no morals. I know that may sound extreme, but the images that mainstream media illustrates promote those beliefs. Even though I grew up around wealthy, happy families, I still had these harmful beliefs that made me feel uncomfortable about having a lot of money. Just last week I imagined having a lot of money and found that negative thoughts of my life being turned upside down popped into my head.

Having negative money beliefs will keep money away from you. Everything is vibrational so if you believe that money is bad, you won’t attract it. The first step of attracting more money is fully believing that you want it and that it will bring you good. Now to be clear, I’m not saying that everyone needs to be a millionaire or that people who don’t have a lot of money are missing out. Money is a tool, kind of like a car. Not having a car isn’t the end of the world. Carless people are just as happy as those with cars. However, if you love going on long car rides and you’ve always wanted to travel, start a business, have a carload of children, or buy a farm, you’ll need money. You won’t be able to get reacquainted with money until you shift the way you speak about it. Instead of thinking “money is the root of all evil,” think “money is a great tool that will help me live the life I desire.” Trade in thinking “people with money are greedy,” and instead think “people with money are fortunate to have the tool they need to fulfill their desires.” Shifting your thoughts away from “money is bad” will produce newfound gratitude and help your to attract financial freedom.

If you want money simply so you can seem “better” than others, that’s a lousy reason. However, if you’d like money so you can be free from the stress of financial hardship, that’s another story. Money should be used as a tool to improve your life, not for a way to become superior. It won’t solve all your problems and money on its own won’t make you happy. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money, just be sure that your reasons and priorities are in check. Did you grow up with bad money beliefs? Comment below what your money beliefs are.

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