How To Ditch Your Social Media Addiction So You Can Live Better

How much time a week do you spend on social media? 2 hours (I doubt it), 5 hours (good for you), 10-20 hours (that’s probably more like it)? I encourage you to check what your social media usage is. Prepare to be ashamed. Social media is extremely addicting and is a time, energy, and money drainer. Most of us spend our days looking through social media instead of living the wondrous lives we’ve been granted with. There is a whole world of possibilities and opportunities out there that you’ll never be apart of if you continue to spend time watching other people grab onto those opportunities instead of doing it yourself.

When I feel like it’s time to limit my screen time, here’s what I do:

Delete social media apps

The easiest way to kill your social media addiction is by forcing yourself to spend time off of it. When I go through periods of excessive social media use, I delete the apps from my phone. I will often find myself clicking where the app was out of habit, only to find that it has vanished. While this is difficult at first, within a couple days I find that I don’t even find myself lingering over where the app once was. Not having the app forces me to fill my time with other activities, which gives me the opportunity to find more enjoyable ways to spend my time.

Turn my phone off

It seems like most people rarely turn their phones off at all anymore. We are in such a “go go go” mentality that we can’t even imagine the possibility of missing something when we sleep. If you are someone who is glued to your phone, turning it off for even just an hour will feel like a freeing experience. Like deleting apps, this will keep you off of social media.

Get an accountability partner

You may be surprised to see how far a little competition and accountability will take you. If you commit to reporting your screen time to someone, you’ll be much more likely to spend little time on social media. Instead of scrolling through apps, remind yourself that you want to see your screen time go down at the end of the week. There are so many other things to do such as read, organize, paint, draw, exercise, cook, etc. This is a fun competition you can do with yourself to make the process more exciting.

Do you struggle with limiting your screen time? Comment below what you do to stay off your phone.

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