How To Be More Confident: Tips That ACTUALLY Work

Be confident. Confidence is sexy. We’ve heard it all before. There are hundreds of articles and videos online giving you tips on how to appear more confident so you can attract a love interest. Yes, both men and women are attracted to confidence, it truly is attractive to see someone hold their head up high and believe in their abilities. Even though that’s true, confidence is so much more than knowing that you’re hot. Confidence is about how you feel about yourself and what you deserve. It’s not about patting yourself on the back when you do good on a test and then slapping your wrist when you perform poorly. Confidence is about recognizing that you deserve everything that you want and that just because you screwed up, doesn’t mean you’re a screw up. If you’re struggling with your self esteem, here is what you can do to become more confident.

Push Yourself

Confidence comes from setting goals for yourself and reaching them. Growth is a sign that you are alive and moving forward. There is so much power that comes with perseverance. Pushing yourself past where you thought you could go and coming out on the other side is such an incredible feeling. It is only when you push yourself that you can understand your strength and resilience.

Have passions and hobbies

It’s so important to have passions and hobbies that you can improve upon. Finding something that you love will make you incredibly happy, factor in doing what you love and being good at it, and you’ll be the most confident you have ever been. Nowadays, most people spend their time watching other people get good at the things they like. I used to spend so much time watching makeup tutorials so I could see my favorite content creators master a certain technique. Because I love makeup, this was fun to watch, however, once I decided to actively participate and create makeup looks myself, I felt my confidence improve. My growth led me to see that with practice I have the ability to exceed my own expectations.

Look your best

There are so many more important things to worry about in this world than how you look. I think based on the current state of the world, we all know this to be true. However, as Tom Ford said “dressing well is a form of good manners.” When you dress well you are presenting the world with the most elevated version of yourself. There is a certain confidence that comes with being groomed and looking your best. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear the fanciest clothes or get the most expensive hair treatments. It just means that you try. You respect yourself enough to show up looking your best under the circumstances that you have.

Do you guys ever struggle with confidence? What do you do when you want to improve your self esteem? Comment below!

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