These Daily Habits Could Be Triggering Your Anxiety

Do you ever feel like you’re emotionally carrying a heavy load? Like you’re always stressed out and anxious about something no matter what the situation is? Now more than ever people are suffering from anxiety. A lot of the anxiety that people carry is made in their head and due to the pressure to be perfect. I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to grow and accomplish new things. It’s hard to get anything done if you’re using your precious mind and all your energy focusing on what could go wrong. Simple, everyday habits have a way of inducing anxiety and making you feel more irritable. If you want to keep your mind clear, avoiding these daily habits could help you.


One of the worst feelings is waking up and realizing that you overslept. Having that stomach-drop-moment first thing in the morning is an unhealthy way to start the day. Instead of starting with positive energy and peace, oversleeping gives you a scarce mindset and causes you to be off schedule. If you oversleep you won’t have anytime to properly complete your morning routine, giving you a less productive day. Try to give yourself at least an hour to get ready for your day so that you can start your day slowly and at peace. My ideal morning routine allows me time to exercise, get dressed, and eat breakfast.


Normally if you oversleep you’re going to be late for something. I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate being late, it makes me feel so rushed and anxious. If you’re always late, you’re starting your day at a disadvantage because you’ll be behind in your tasks and spend the rest of the day trying to catch up. If that doesn’t make you feel anxious, I don’t know what does. If you want to be on top of your game, make sure you have enough time to get where you’re going and get everything done. Life happens, there will be moments when the unexpected happens, causing you to be late. Don’t sweat it if it happens once in awhile, but if you find this happening everyday, it may be time for you to reconsider how you manage your time.

Toxic Environments

Your environment plays a major role in your general outlook and wellbeing. If you’re surrounding yourself with positive, go getters who are always on the next bigger and better thing, you’ll find yourself in the same position. If you’re hanging around people who are always complaining and finding any excuse they can to procrastinate, you’ll become like them. If you want to be the type of person who expects the best, spend time with people who radiate energy and joy. Evaluate your home, work, friends, and usual hangout spots and ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel positive when I’m here?

Does my energy go up or down when I’m around these people?

Will this environment help me get closer to my higher self?

If the environment you’re in is toxic, leave it. You aren’t stuck and you deserve to be somewhere that promotes growth and peace. Make an effort to spend your time and energy around people and places that lift you up instead of tear you down.

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  1. PoojaG says:

    As someone with anxiety I totally agree that these can be huge triggers. Especially sleeping late or not getting enough sleep.

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    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      sleeping late makes me so anxious. over the years I have definitely learned the importance of giving myself enough time

      Liked by 1 person

      1. PoojaG says:

        Yeah it’s the same for me

        Liked by 1 person

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