Candles That Smell As Good As They Look

Ever since I started working at Anthropologie 4 years ago I have been obsessed with candles. Before then, the only time I would light a candle was when I accidentally burned food or cooked something that smelled bad. It wasn’t until I saw those Anthropologie candles stacked high one on top of the other that I become more interested in candles. Candles serve as beautiful decor as well as the perfect companion to a self care night. There’s nothing more relaxing than putting a face mask on, turning music on and a lighting a candle while you chill out on a Sunday night. If I’m buying a candle I’m not going to get some boring, plain white candle that smells like vanilla (no offense to vanilla candle lovers). Instead I’ll opt for something a little more aromatic that also has an imposing design. Anthropologie has a wide selection of candles and in typical Anthro fashion, they are nothing sort of quirky and sophisticated.

Voluspa Roses Embossed Jar Candle

Scent: Rose Colored Glasses

Notes: Pink rose petals, blooming neroli. warm amber musk, and sweet vanilla. (GOURMAND)

ROEN Amber Jar Candle

Scent: Nocturne

Notes: The clean scent of balsam fir and sandalwood balanced beautifully with notes of fig trees – an aroma reminiscent of a summer getaway spent in Ojai. (WOODSY)

Boulangerie Jar

Scent: Espresso

Notes: fresh coffee beans are infused with almond milk, dark cacao and patchouli (FRESH)

Voluspa Maison Candle

Scent: Prosecco Rose

Notes: Refreshing, sparkling pink prosecco and rose petals. (FLORAL)

Anecdote Comfort Glass Candle

Scent: Quarter-Life Crisis

Notes: An energetic blend of grapefruit and mint within a rich base of lavender, bergamot, and rhubarb. (FRESH)

Wicks and Stones Infinity Candle

Scent: Quartz

Notes: A balanced blend of salted caramel and creamy vanilla fills your space with a sense of clarity. It includes one quartz stone to promote healing and positive energy.

Which scent is your favorite?

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