How To Prioritize Yourself

In a world of endless “to-do’s” and expectations, it’s difficult to know when to take a step back and shift your attention to yourself. For many, taking time for yourself is viewed as selfish. Especially for mothers, who are typically viewed as martyrs, the thought of putting yourself before your loved ones can lead to feelings of guilt. While there may be a negative connotation with putting yourself first, prioritizing yourself could be the difference between being your brightest, truest, most helpful self and a dried up, tired version of you. When was the last time you took time to ensure that you fully enjoyed your day? I don’t mean the last time you went on vacation. I mean the last time you spent a day at home and put intentionality into enjoying it instead of just simply going through the motions. If you haven’t made living your life enjoyably a priority, I recommend you take time to truly live your life by practicing self care and wellness. Making time for yourself is healthy. If you don’t know where to start try this these tips to put you at the top of your to do lis.

Make your mornings about you

Mornings are one of the most calming and meditative times of the entire day. Take this time to embrace peace and indulge in self care. This will mean different things for different people but it may include:

Laying in bed for 10 minutes after you wake up (without touching your phone)







Sipping your coffee while staring out the window

If there is something that makes you feel alive, happy, and at peace, include it in your morning routine. This is a wonderful time to focus on what is important. Set positive intentions for the day and practice gratitude and mindfulness.

Take time out of the day to do something you enjoy

If you find yourself rarely using your time to cultivate your passions, you may need to reevaluate your daily routine. Make sure that you do something that you enjoy everyday. Whether it’s reading a book or going to an exercise class, make sure part of your day something consists of a moment that feeds your soul. You will notice how much more you glow when you prioritize your interests and happiness.

It’s okay to say “no”

Have you ever been guilted into doing something you didn’t want to do? Watch out for people who will try to manipulate you for their own personal gain. Whether you’re being guilted into attending an event you don’t want to go to or being guilted into staying in a toxic relationship, respect yourself enough to say no to what doesn’t serve you. There comes a time when you draw the line and not make yourself available to everyone all the time. The more you say “no,” the more you will find that you enjoy your life. Of course this doesn’t mean to be selfish and never make a sacrifice for anyone, it just means to know when your mental and physical health is more important than the satisfaction of someone else.

Living life for yourself and making yourself a priority will completely transform the trajectory of your life. You don’t want to look back one day and realize that you didn’t live a fulfilling life because you never made time for yourself. Pencil yourself in at the top of your to-do list and watch how much happier you’ll be.

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