Weekend In Photos: Distillery, Apple Orchards, and Snakeskin

Happy Monday! I’m starting to really like Mondays. Crazy, I know. Normally Mondays are hated, but I’m starting to embrace the fresh start that it brings. This weekend was the first weekend of the season that I can officially say that it is no longer summer. All my sandals and summer dresses have been packed away and now I have broken out my beanies and sweaters. It’s crazy how quickly the weather changed. I love Fall so I’m looking forward to the change of season.

I hope everyone had a great, chilly Fall weekend. On Friday night I had dinner outside with some friends and I’m realizing that this whole outdoor dining situation is not going to work as well in the fall and winter months as it did during the summer. They had heaters out but it was still freezing! Next time I eat out I am definitely going to come prepared with extra layers. My sister and our friend ate at this local Italian restaurant and it was so good! I had gnocchi aurora with a fried calamari appetizer. It was so delicious! After dinner my sister and I met up with another friend and went for dessert. I ate a really delicious slice of cheesecake while I froze and regretted my outfit choice. I don’t always gravitate towards carrot cake when eating out but I definitely should because every time I eat it I’m shocked by how good it is.

On Saturday I celebrated a friend’s birthday by going to an apple orchard and distillery with her. This was my first apple orchard visit of the season so I had to pick up a yummy apple cider. We had some food there then headed to the distillery next door where we had cocktails. It was such a gorgeous day so it was really nice to spend some time outside. The distillery was very rustic and farmy so it had a very cozy, fall vibe. It was a great way to kick off the season and I can’t wait to do more fall activities soon.

How did you guys spend your weekend? Did you do any fall activities?

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