The Fall Drink You Need To Try

Ever since Starbucks put the pumpkin cream cold brew back on the menu for the second year, it has been all over social media. Every time I open Instagram I see people posting pictures and videos of them trying this new drink. I have never really been into Fall coffee drinks. I’ve always found that pumpkin spice lattes are a bit too spicy for my liking and caramel drinks a bit too sweet. Normally I don’t give into hyped up food/drink trends because I find that a lot of people tend to exaggerate about good it is. After my sister tried the pumpkin cream cold brew she kept raving about it and encouraging me to try it for myself. I pushed it off until I got a free drink reward from Starbucks and decided now would be the perfect time to try it for myself.

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I’m so glad I decided to try this drink because it is so good! I has a very light creamy, pumpkin taste that doesn’t taste artificial like other pumpkin coffees. The cream is rich and flavorful making it the perfect sweetener for the cold brew. I saw online that some people were adding pumps of vanilla to their drink, while I’m sure it taste delicious, this flavor is so delicious that the vanilla isn’t necessary in my opinion. The pumpkin cream cold brew is a lot less sweet than the other fall drinks Starbucks offers, the pumpkin spice latte and the salted caramel mocha, making this drink great for everyday. This drink will definitely be my go-to order as long as Starbucks has it on the menu. I highly recommend you try it soon before they take it off for the season!

Have you guys tried this drink? What are your thoughts?

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