The Morning Meditation To Start Your Day Off Right

My morning meditation has become such a precious part of my day. Recently, I started listening to a meditation/positive affirmation video before work. I decided to try this out because I felt myself growing anxious and restless and I figured the least I could do is listen to a video and cross my fingers that it’s subliminal powers cure me (lol). Since the first day I tried the meditation, 10 Minute Morning Mediation To Have A Really Good Day, I have found that it has improved my outlook, which has improved my mood. Emotions, both positive and negative, stem from your mindset. This meditation focuses on having a good morning and setting positive intentions for the day. The woman guiding the meditation gives listeners gentle reminders that they must shift their perspective and be receptive and focused in order to have a positive day.

Morning mediation is a powerful practice because it can combat anxiety and depression as well promote clear thinking. I find that meditating and repeating positive affirmations helps calm my nerves when I’m feeling anxious. It is very easy for me to get lost in my head and focus on the bad, and I find that this video helps me a lot to remember that I control my outlook and that nothing is innately good or bad.

If you’re thinking of implementing mediation and affirmations into your daily life, I recommend doing it in the morning so that you can set a positive intention for the day. Listening to a guided meditation or affirmation video is great to do because it is easy to slip into your routine. You could listen to it for a few minutes before getting out of bed in the morning, while in the shower, while eating breakfast, or even on the commute to work. If you don’t have time to do it in the morning, try it at night! Night time is also a great time for this because it will allow you to relax after a long day and help you to set positive intentions for the day to come. There are many meditations that are hours long and are intended to play while you sleep. These subliminal messages will allow you to effortlessly adjust your mindset.

Comment below your experience with a morning or nighttime meditation. I’d love to hear the experience that you guys have had with this. Let’s grow together!

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