Simple Ways To Add Beauty To Your Daily Life

Beauty is an essential yet underrated aspect of daily life. We all love beautiful things, yet most of us don’t go out of our ways to add beauty to our daily life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone has their own personal aesthetic that sparks joy for them. I have found that being in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing adds so much joy to my life and makes me feel more happy and at peace. I believe that adding beautiful things in your life in any way you can will make a big difference in how you feel and perform throughout the day. Different ways to add beauty to your day include:

Wearing an outfit you love

Wearing an outfit that you love is an easy yet powerful way to improve your day. While it may not seem important to wear a nice outfit, the confidence that comes with feeling well dressed is incredible. When you feel confident you are more likely to work hard and perform better. Improving your confidence in any way that you can will set you up for success. I’m sure we’ve all had those days when we roll out of bed, throw on whatever is closest, and later catch a look at ourselves in the mirror and shutter. Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you catch a look of yourself and like what you see.

Eating lunch on special a dish/bowl

If you’re someone who enjoys interior design and home products, this is a great way to add beauty to your life. Sure eating out of any old dish will do, but it’s so much more fun to eat out of something beautiful. This simple change will cause you to be more excited for your midday lunch break. I love getting kitchenware from Anthropologie because they always have really quirky and chic pieces.

Buying your dream wallet

You probably reach into your wallet everyday so why not reach into something that you love? Like kitchenware, any old wallet will do the trick. However, you’ll find so much joy out of using a wallet that is inline with your fashion style. This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive, designer wallet, just something that is aesthetically pleasing.

Taking time to garnish your plate

Unleash your inner Insta food blogger by garnishing your plate. Garnishing your plate and creating an appetizing arrangement will elevate your meal experience at no additional cost to you. Instead of throwing everything on the plate and devouring it at once, take time to make the dish more visually pleasing by intentionally adding various garnishes and spices, as well putting thought into where the food is situated on the plate. You’ll feel more confident knowing that you create such an appetizing meal. We all love a good Insta worthy meal.

Decorate your bedroom

Getting into bed at night should be a relaxing, pleasing experience. If you’re sleeping in a room that isn’t your style, you’re not using your bedroom as a sanctuary. Create the ultimate chill experience by adding a level of intentionality to how you set up your room. Whether it means changing where furniture is, buying new bedding, or adding wall art, create a space that you will look forward to being in. I love for my bedroom to have a cozy, clean vibe because I want to feel relaxed in there as well as motivated. Keeping it clean inspires me to be more active and productive.

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