10 Simple Ways To Brighten Someones Day

We could all use a little more joy in our lives, couldn’t we? I love those serendipitous moments that remind me that good things have a way of showing up whether I actively am causing them or not. Isn’t that comforting? Everyone is dealing with your own personal battles and many people struggle to make it through the day. You can add light and love to the lives of those around you by performing acts of kindness. Not only is it great to improve someone’s day, but it will also make you feel lighter in return. Whether you’re the mood to treat a stranger, or you want to show a loved one how special they are to you, performing an unexpected act of kindness is the perfect way to do it. Most people expect appreciation on their birthday, do the unordinary by spreading love out of the blue. Continue reading for some ideas.

  1. Buy coffee for a loved one or stranger
  2. Tell a coworker how much you appreciate having them in the workplace
  3. Call (don’t text) a friend you haven’t seen in awhile
  4. Compliment a stranger
  5. Write a letter to a loved one
  6. Go out to dinner with a friend and pay for their dinner
  7. Give a loved one a massage
  8. Write a positive Yelp review about a local business
  9. Leave your waiter a generous tip
  10. Surprise a loved one with a baked good

It is such a great feeling to know that you made someone’s day feel brighter simply by performing a simple gesture. Sending positive energy will improve your life and the life of those around you. Which act of kindness are you willing to perform this week?

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