Quotes To Live By And Advice That Will Change Your Life

Changing your life starts with changing your mindset. You cannot change your reality until you decide that it’s possible and that you are willing to take all the necessary steps to actively make positive change. During this past year I decided that I wanted to be more intentional about how I live my life and spend my time. After ready many books and listening podcasts I noticed the major theme in all the media was that in order to improve your life you have to improve the way that you think and you have to allow yourself to be a magnet for good things. This could mean changing your environment, eliminating certain media, and quitting your job. If you find yourself being a negative person or you feel like negative situations always tend to find you, it is time to consider that you may be the issue. Despite what some may think, I don’t agree with the idea that some people are destined for negativity. I do believe that some people create such a negative environment for themself that it becomes nearly impossibly for positive situations to occur.

If you’re interested in changing an area of your life, one simple way to do so would be to surround yourself with uplifting language. There is so much media to be consumed so it is important that you make sure that the media that you consume is positive and bringing you up, instead of tearing you down. I love setting motivational quotes as my background on my phone and my laptop because it serves as a great reminder to adjust my mindset throughout the day.

Not only was it fun for me to create these quotes, but they also helped me to keep myself accountable throughout the day. It feels like getting mini pep talks throughout the day from a friend! Self improvement isn’t one size fits all and it isn’t an overnight change. Small, consistent changes in environment and mindset will lead to big results. What changes have you made to improve your mindset?

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      Thank you!

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  1. “Contribute more than your criticize” absolutely love it!


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      Me too! It’s so important

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