If You Drink Iced Coffee Everyday You Need To Try This

Ever since I started working in marketing full time, I’ve been obsessed with coffee. I’ve always liked coffee but as my job became more demanding, it became more of a necessity than a simple pleasure. I went from drinking it about 3 times a week to having two cups a day (thank you, break room Keurig)! A couple months ago my sister got me an espresso maker for my birthday and that only increased my coffee addiction, I started experimenting with lattes and I mastered my own version of an oat milk vanilla latte! While I love my latte maker, it only makes hot drinks and I decided I wanted to bring iced coffee into my life. I’ve dried the at home Starbucks drinks and various cold brews from Trader Joe’s and found that every coffee drink I tried left a weird after taste in my mouth. When watching YouTube Maddie Cidlick I discovered La Colombe Coffee Roaster’s draft lattes that can purchased either online or in some stores.

La Colombe is a US coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Philadelphia. They have cafés in Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. Because I live in close proximity to NYC, I have heard of La Colombe before, but hadn’t tried it. When I heard Maddie raving about how delicious it is, I decided to try it for myself. I checked their website, found that they are carried at a local Walgreens, and went over a picked two lattes up. I tried the triple draft latte and the vanilla draft latte. Both drinks have such a smooth finish and taste so fresh, unlike most bottled coffee drinks. The flavor doesn’t taste artificial at all! While my Walgreens only carried drinks with regular milk, the company carries other milk alternatives such as oat milk and coconut milk. La Colombe also carry a pumpkin spice draft latte, draft chocolate milk, double shot draft latte, mocha draft latte, Colombian cold brew, caramel draft latte, nitro cold brew lemonade, and a honeysuckle draft latte. They carry the coffees in different sizes and offer subscription services.

I just recently tried the vanilla oat milk latte and I love it! Oat milk has officially become my new favorite milk alternative. I love the convenience of having this coffee at home because it allows me to skip a stop to the local coffee shop and go about my day. Do you like bottled coffee? I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on drinking coffee in the morning, bottled coffee, and La Colombe. Comment below!

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