Weekend in photos: brunch, bouquets, and murder documentaries

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, This weekend I was really focused on having chill time, getting caught up on work, and doing things that I enjoy. As you know, I want to live more intentionally and one great way for me to do that it being more mindful with how I spend my time. After my Saturday shift at Anthropologie, I decided to stay home and watch American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix. This is the Netflix documentary about Chris Watts, the Colorado man who murdered his family. This film was disturbing, yet very well done. I definitely recommend it to those of you who enjoy crime shows/films. Because the Watts family took a lot of home videos, and they had body cam footage from the police officers, viewers get to see a inside look at the family.

On Saturday morning I went out to brunch with my sister and my mom. We went to Willow and Whisk in Wyckoff, NJ. This elevated breakfast and lunch spot had great food and a great atmosphere. I almost felt like I was eating out at a trendy Manhattan restaurant.

We ordered a Mini Brioche French Toast  appetizer that was so delicious! The menu describes it as having “cornflake crusted, cinnamon sugar dusted, strawberries and bananas, whipped cream cheese topping, and maple syrup” Normally I don’t really gravitate towards French toast but this one was really crispy and fresh.

For my meal I ordered a cold brew frappe and avocado toast. Avocado toast is my brunch go-to! This one had “poached egg, pickled red onion, grape tomato, cilantro, and rustic bread.” It was served with a fresh spring mix salad.

I was happy with everything I ordered and I loved the overall feel of the place. It’s very rustic and clean, perfect for a Sunday morning, If you are in the North Jersey area and looking for a brunch spot, I definitely recommend it!

After brunch my sister and I headed to Trader Joe’s for our usual grocery store run. I picked up all my essentials + my favorite Trader Joe’s purchase, flowers! Almost every time I go to Trader Joe’s I pick up flowers because they have a really great selection. This week I picked up lavender, allium, and baby’s breath. I also used some dried eucalyptus that I got from Anthropologie awhile ago. I ended up making this beautiful Autumn inspired bouquet that I love! Not only does it look gorgeous, but it totally puts me into the Fall mood and it was so fun to make. I love being creative and making my own bouquets. I’ll post the finished product later this week!

I hope you all had a great weekend. This week I hope to stay focused on work, exercise at least 3 days this week and stay focused on the present moment. What do you guys want to accomplish this week? Let’s grow together!

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  1. Nic says:

    Willow & Whisk looks so lovely and the food looks delicious!

    Nicole | http://www.nicolesniches.com

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    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      It’s the cutest little brunch spot! I definitely recommend it

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  2. Such a pretty brunch spot!! Love it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      Thank you!

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