How To Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

If anything has taught us how important it is to have money in savings, it’s the pandemic. We saw how quickly things can take a turn for the worst, leaving jobs that are seemingly secure, without budget. For many, lockdown left them without income, relying on their savings to survive. As a general rule, it is best to have 3 months worth of living expenses saved. While I didn’t lose my job during the pandemic, I did decide that I want to move out of my parents house ASAP (hello extended time together!). I’m the kind of person who loves treating myself. I have always considered shopping one of my favorite pastimes and I love indulging in little luxuries such as facials, getting my hair done, going to a workout class, etc. Moving out on my current budget is possible, but it will definitely require an adjustment to my current lifestyle. I definitely don’t want to give up treating myself (it is a form of self care after all), I just want to start treating myself in more cost effective ways. It’s extremely important to be intentional about your goals. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t plan for it and have tactics to ensure that what you’re visualizing will manifest. If your goal is to save money, it’s best to have “savings friendly” activities planned for when you’re experiencing a moment of weakness.Here’s how you can take simple free activities and turn them into a creative way to treat yourself.

Read a book somewhere scenic

When you’re aggressively saving money, going on a vacation is probably the last thing to want to do. At the same time, when you’re aggressively saving money, going on vacation is probably the thing you crave the most. Instead of shelling out a ton of cash on a costly trip, try taking a. day trip somewhere scenic and chilling out! Going to a new place will give you that vacation vibe and reading a book there will allow you to escape your world and enter into the story. This is a very cost effective way to do something new and feel like you’re on vacation. Look out for local parks, rivers, oceans, and hiking spots that you haven’t been to. Grab a book, a snack, and enjoy the day!

Give yourself a DIY spa day

TGFTI- Thank God For The Internet. With modern technology, you can figure out anything at the tip of your fingers. Although spa days are the best, they’ll leave you with a gapping hole in your wallet. Avoid that by giving yourself a DIY at home spa day. You can give yourself a hair, face, and even foot mask all with products that are probably sitting right in your kitchen! Common ingredients include oatmeal, avocado, honey, olive oil, etc. Pinterest has endless homemade mask recipes. Make the spa day extra relaxing and luxurious by throwing on a robe, lighting a candle, and watching your favorite show.

Throw sports game viewing parties

If you’re a sports junkie, not being able to afford tickets to a game is really disappointing. Make the most out of watching games at home by throwing your own viewing party! If your area is still under strict COVID restrictions, celebrate game day with your family, roommates, or even by yourself! Throw on a theme jersey, make your favorite game day treats, and sit in front of the screen cheering on your team. It may not be exactly like going to the game in person but it is definitely a lot more fun than sitting on the couch alone in PJs with the remote in your hand.

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