How To Improve Your Mood By Using Scent In Your Home

Scent is an extremely powerful tool that has the unique ability to transport you to another time and place. It also has the ability to transform your mood and improve your day. I have always loved scent. I love that a smell can remind you of a particular person or moment. I remember when I first started getting into fashion and beauty, I was became fascinated with the notion of having a signature scent for myself and my space (even though my Gemini tendencies quickly decided against choosing just one scent). When connected with a meaningful experience, scent becomes a mighty sentimental force. You can even use your sense of smell to prompt your memory to recall information when taking a test! Because there is such a strong connection between scent and emotion, scent has the capability to transform your entire outlook.

Since understanding the power of scent, I have used it as a tool to help me practice self care and also to be more productive. If I want to have a cozy night in I’ll light a sensual, warm candle. If I want to feel productive, I’ll light a candle with light, fresh notes that make me feel energized. Playing around with fragrance is a simple way to incorporate self care into your daily life. This one simple act will ease your mind and help you to cultivate your desired experience. I have experimented with various methods of creating a sweet smelling space. Here are some of my favorite methods:


One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways of using fragrance is lighting a candle. Not only are there endless scents, but there are also endless packaging options available. I lighting candles that have fresh scents because it creates a cozy, productive environment. My usual candle vibe is clean and woodsy. My favorite year round candle is Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Large Jar Candle. I also love getting seasonal candles because they are such a fun way to get into the seasonal spirit. I like getting my seasonal candles from Anthropologie because they have so many options with gorgeous packaging. My favorite winter scent is Capri Blue Fir & Firewood Jar Candle. They also have great Fall scents like pumpkin clove, spiced cider, and cinnamon noir.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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Using an essential oil diffuser is a holistic way of creating fragrance in a home. Essential oils have healing properties that can completely transform your mood. There are scents for soothing, sleeping, energizing, anxiety, self love, etc. Plug this in and create a spa-like experience in your own home. A simple act like this will turn your house into a sanctuary.

Wax Melt

If you want a similar vibe to a candle (without the responsibility of keeping an eye out for the flame) consider using a wax melt. Wax melts are wick-less scented pieces of wax that melt and produce fragrance when on the warmer. I use wax melts and I find that they produce a potent scent. I first got this when I picked it up as a Christmas gift for my best friend, Claudia, who loved fragrance but was always afraid of knocking over a candle. She loved it so much that I decided I would pick one up for myself too.

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are another great option that can serve both aromatic and aesthetic purposes. Reed diffusers, similar to incense, are liquid air fresheners in a narrow-necked bottle with thin reeds (“or sticks”) inserted into the liquid. The reeds, absorb the scented liquid from the container and releases fragrance.

Room Spray

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Room spray is a very simple way to create a fragrant atmosphere. Pick up whichever sent you like best and spray it around the space. I find that the scent from room spray doesn’t linger as long as other options (candles and reed diffusers.)

What are your favorite ways to create a fragrant space?

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