The Versatile Boots You Won’t Want To Take Off

There’s something so satisfying about throwing on a good pair of boots. In the cooler months I live in boots. I’m not really a big sneaker girl and my style is less causal and more dressed up, so a good pair of boots that I can throw on with various outfits is always welcomed in my closet. Most of my current pairs are brown and don’t compliment my outfits as perfectly as I would like them to, so I decided that once the weather started getting chilly I would be on the hunt for the perfect pair of black boots.

Photo Credit: @bokeh_passion

While scrolling through Urban Outfitters I stumbled upon the Dr. Martens Pascal Virginia 8-Eye Combat Boot. These boots caught my eye because unlike the more popular version of the boot, this pair is matte. I love this pair because they are so versatile, going with jeans, leggings, and even dresses. It’s the perfect boot to pair with a dress down look and more dressed up outfit. They’re also perfect to throw on when running errands and going hiking.

Unlike a lot of very durable boots, these aren’t heavy and uncomfortable. I wore these boots when I went hiking and I found them to be very comfortable. They didn’t weigh me down or tire me out, instead they gave me the support that I needed without getting in the way.

Some stylish ways to pair Dr. Martens:

Photo cred: @BreSheppard

Comment below what your go-to shoes will be this season! P.S. shoutout to my friend/photographer @netanel_brezak for his photo skills! He is an up and coming L.A. based photographer who is so easy and fun to work with. Follow his instagram account @bokeh_passion to check out more of his work and book him for a shoot!

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