Craving A Good Night’s Rest? Try This.

Like most people, I don’t often get proper sleep. Whether it’s because of racing thoughts, too much water before bed, or a bad mattress, there always seems to be something in the way of me and a good night’s sleep. A couple weekends ago I stumbled upon the store Rocky’s Crystals and Minerals in Montclair, NJ. The quaint shop was filled with various clusters of crystals, jewelry, and wellness/healing candles. Lately I have been very into wellness and using crystals and scent for healing, so I was infatuated with this store. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I feel as if I am in a transitional time in my life. I have many aspirations and I am hungry for a new way of life. Because I have been learning about the many benefits of crystals and minerals, I decided to pick some up and see if it helps me through with growth. I soon found that sage would not only help me with growth, but also be my new bedtime secret weapon for better sleep.

I came across a Sage Smudging Spray and decided to try it out. Sage, which belongs to the Salvia plant family, is derived from the Latin word salvere, meaning “to heal.” Sage has so many benefits and definitely deserves a place in your home if you are trying to cultivate a stress-free and spiritual environment. Burning sage is rooted in Native American tradition, commonly used to release past trauma and invite new positive experiences. Today people burn sage to create clarity, release anxiety, and promote healing. In addition to dissipating negative energy, encouraging positivity, and strengthening clarity, smudging with sage may also improve focus and memory, as well as elevate sleep. Typically, sage is burned from the wood in order to reap the benefits of the smoke. When smudging your home it is recommend to focus on doors, windows, and mirrors. It is also recommend to open up a door or window, allowing for the negativity to find it’s way out of the space. These days, you can still get the same benefits sans smoke. This can be done using a mist.

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My experience with sage has been extremely positive. I used it before bed and I was pleased with the clean, peaceful scent. I sprayed it around my bedroom, focusing a couple of the spritz on my pillow. When I woke up the next day I was surprised to find that I had a much better quality of sleep and that I had more vivid dreams. After doing some research I found that this is consistent with the experiences of others, many noting that sage helped treat insomnia.

I love the ritualistic aspect of smudging sage. I think it’s so important to allow for a clear and positive space because it completely shifts your mindset. When smudging your home, intention is everything. Before you smudge be honest with yourself and set an intention about what you would like to clear/or heal from. Also be clear about what energy you would like to have in your space. Not only is this time sacred and a crucial part of healing, but it also serves as a great self care practice. It’s so peaceful to set an intention and allow for the scent of the healing properties to consume your senses, making you feel more at peace.

If you decide to participate this ritual I encourage you to answer the following questions:

What energy do I intend on releasing?

What energy would I like to consume my space with?

How will my mood/mindset/life be impacted by this new energy?

Take the time to be very specific with your answers. You want to be sure that you are clear about the mindset that you are taking on, understanding what it is and why it will be beneficial to you. Having a “why” will make it much easier for you to follow through when it becomes challenging to stay positive.

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Whether you had a bad day at work or just moved into a new place and craving a fresh start, there are many reasons to try sage. Sage doesn’t have magical powers and won’t automatically take your life from a hot mess to #goals, but it can assist you with cultivating a more positive space, which will result in success and uplifting energy. It’s not for everyone, but so far I have found that it does have positive benefits for me. Does using sage as a tool to clear negative energy sound crazy to you or are you into the idea? Comment below what your thoughts are.

Let’s grow together.

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