Want To Finally Achieve Your Goals? Try Doing Nothing.

These days most people are so set on being productive that they’ll skip out on sleep, food, relationships and sanity if it means that it will bring them closer to their goals. While hard work and discipline is important, you can’t be truly productive if you’re suffering mentally and physically due to exhaustion. Sometimes the best way to be achieve your goals is to take a break from them. I’m not saying to take weeks off, but if you’re constantly producing for days on end soon you will find that you will be producing mediocre work. It’s okay to take a night or weekend off so you can spend time with yourself practicing self care and reminding yourself of your goals. Perfectionism is rising among millennials, leaving individuals feeling burnt out, stressed, and anxious. Social media has a huge role to play in this issue. When people are bombarded daily with images of people “living their best life” they begin to believe that these perfectly crafted images are a reflection of the truth, when in the reality they are merely a well thought out aesthetic. I have also noticed a culture of “hustlers” on social media. One where the dialogue consists of out hustling someone else, never resting, and quickly figuring out various ways of making an income. While it’s great to have goals, this culture of hustling has very toxic undertones. It neglects the idea of cultivating healthy relationships and makes its primary focus financial gain. Sure, it is great to have nice things, but if you are risking your relationships and mental health over it, it may be time to rethink your priorities. When you work excessively you increase your chance of burnout and in the long run will become less creative and less mentally sharp than if you allowed yourself time to rest. Like I mentioned prior, this doesn’t mean you have to completely neglect your goals. However, if you find yourself overworked I suggest you take time out of the day to:

Read a book you like

No not those books. I’m not talking about a book that will advance you in your career or make you money. Instead, read one that makes you cry, scream, laugh, anything. Read something that you actually enjoy, one takes you away from the daily race of life. Books are a great escape that will leave you feeling as if you just took a mini vacation. I love mystery books because they completely captivate me and give me something to look forward to.

Book recommendations:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This book is so good you won’t want to put it down until it’s finished. It touches upon dishonesty, devious media, and teaches you truly how much looks can be deceiving. If you love a thrill and books that blow your mind, you will definitely love this book.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Like Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train is full of twists and surprises. This psychological thriller includes everything from binge drinking, deceit, and unlikely matches.


If you are craving something a little less suspenseful and a little more feel-good, treat yourself to a workout. It could be a run, yoga, a walk in the park, or even that new exercise class you have been dying to try. Taking the time to try a new exercise will not only help your body to feel good, but you will also feel good about yourself knowing that you prioritized your health in a fun and creative way. A new yoga studio opened up by me shortly before the pandemic and I’ve been really looking forward to trying it out. Normally I don’t prioritize an exercise class for myself but I want to make the effort to try something new. I’ve never done yoga at a studio before so if anyone has any tips or suggestions please let me know!

Practice Creativity Through Daydreaming

This one is super simple and super fun. As a kid, I used to constantly daydream. It was to the point that I started to feel like it was becoming a major distraction. While it isn’t healthy to daydream to the point that you are no longer in touch with reality, I think it is healthy to let your mind wander and imagine the experiences that you want for yourself. Not only will this make you feel happy, but it is also a big part of manifestation. In order to achieve your goals you need to be able to visualize them and see them as achievable. Pour yourself a cup of tea, find a comfy spot to sit, and let your mind run free.

Instead of burning yourself out and causing yourself to lose passion and drive, conserve your energy by allowing yourself to rest and recharge. Self care is an important part of practicing wellness and caring for yourself and your body. Make it a priority.

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