Simple Tricks That Will Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

You know those homes that you walk into that instantly hug you as you enter? Not the people, the home. You walk in and you right away feel like you know the personality of the people who live there. Making a house a home is essential for creating a peaceful environment that you will thrive in. If you are interested in making your house feel more like a home, making it a sanctuary is a great way to do so. I am a big believer in using self-care products as home decor. I love that it creates peace while also adding personality and style. The best part is, these items also tend to be very inexpensive and simple to move around and switch out as your style evolves.


If you don’t have plants in your home yet, what’s wrong with you?? Kidding, but really. Plants are such an essential part of a house being a home. Your space will instantly feel cozier and more positive when you bring nature inside. Nature has the ability to promote positivity, ease anxiety, and clear your mind. Basically, it’s very important to have around as much as possible. I love eucalyptus because it is filled with healing properties and it adds a great touch of greenery to the home. I keep eucalyptus in my shower, tied to the shower-head, to create a spa-like, aromatherapy experience. Hanging eucalyptus in the shower provides a sense of peace, eases stress and anxiety, and is filled with energizing benefits. Eucalyptus is also great to add to floral arrangements because when dried it is low maintenance and evergreen. The arrangement will look gorgeous in your home and will last forever.

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If you love aromatherapy and you’re looking for an easy way to switch up your decor, candles are the perfect option. Candles are great because they are inexpensive, versatile, and there are thousands of different aesthetics to choose from. You can opt for something festive as the seasons change, choose between light and airy or sultry and spicy. You can pick a ceramic vessel for a more industrial, rustic vibe or something in a glass container and a clear label if you want the candle to make the space feel more clean and open. If you want your personality to shine through in subtle ways, display a candle with a quirky label. The Ryan Porter Zodiac Candles are illustrated with zodiac signs and a slang description of something someone of that sign would say. As soon as your guests read it they will instantly become acquainted with your sense of humor.


Lately I have been really getting into healing crystals. I’m fascinated with their beauty and innate energy. If you want to create good vibes in your home, crystals are a great way to do so. There are many different types so choosing one that matches your aesthetic shouldn’t be an issue. However, before you go crazy grabbing whichever one is shiniest, I recommend that you do some research to find which crystal is meant for cultivating the environment that you would like to create. Want more harmony and love at home? Put rose quartz in a common area. Looking to focus and accomplish everything on your vision board? Place clear quartz on your desk.

Tip: When you’re reading to purchase your crystals, instead of ordering them online or from a large retailer, take a trip to your local crystal shop so you can find something a bit more personal and authentic. It is often encouraged that one sees a crystal in person and touches it before purchasing so that they can really feel if it’s for them. If this sounds like a bunch of mumbo gumbo to you, that’s totally fine! Either way, decorating with crystals are still beautiful and will add a touch of personalization to your space.


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