2 Easy Ways To Have Fun With Art As An Adult

Remember being a kid and coloring all day long without a care in the world? I used to color all the time and find myself intensely daydreaming during it. It used to be such a creative and relaxing time. I loved slightly zoning out and observing the masterpiece that I created once I regained consciousness. As an adult, there is much less time in the day to spend zoning out and coloring. Between work, school, and relationships, there is not much time to sit in one spot and take time to be creative. These days, the go-to pastime for most people tends to be scrolling on social media or watching videos and TV shows. While it’s great to have access to many different technologies and forms of entertainment, it is also important to be an active doer and not just a viewer. A great way to exercise your creativity is by getting in touch with art. Now that you are all grown up and probably not as interested as you used to be with grabbing a sheet of paper and scribbling, there are some more grown up ways to color and unleash your inner child.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Adult Coloring Book

A couple years ago my sister gifted me with a Vogue coloring book and it was such a creative and appreciated gift! I love Vogue so I found this coloring book to be really iconic and relaxing to draw in. If you love drawing but have difficulty figuring out what to draw, definitely consider snagging a coloring book. Coloring books give you the same joy of drawing while providing you with more guidance. If you want even more guidance, try one of those coloring books that tell you exactly where what colors to use at each section. This is such a great alternative to using your phone. Instead of reaching for your phone throughout the day, reach for your book and set your mind free.

Check out these options:

Totally ’90s Coloring Book – by Christina Haberkern¬†

The Plant Lady – by Sarah Simon

Painting on Canvas

Painting on canvas is a fun way to unwind and unleash your inner artist. While many of us love the idea of relaxing, sipping on a glass of wine, and painting, we rarely do it because, well, effort. Treat yourself to a serene night at home by picking up some paint and a canvas and making a cozy spot for you to sit. This is the perfect activity to do both alone and with friends. Instead of following a painting guide, draw whatever moves you. See what your mind comes up with and accept it for what it is. Whether it’s a abstract, minimalistic, or stick figures, allow yourself to enjoy the creative process. When you’re done hang up your masterpiece and remind yourself of a job well done.

Art isn’t just for kids and you don’t need a spa day to relax. Add some color and creativity to your life by enjoying art in the same way you did as a kid. Your soul will appreciate it.

Let’s grow together.

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