Ways To Check In With Your Body Throughout The Day

In a world that seems to constantly be moving at the speed of light, it can become extremely difficult to remember to check in with your body. So many of us hold tension in our bodies without even noticing. We will have chronic headaches to the point that we do not even comprehend that our heads are not meant to hurt on a daily basis. If you are feeling pain, stiffness, and tension on a regular basis, remember that your body has the potential to function on a much higher level. Simple adjustments can make a vast difference in your overall health. Although we are busy, it is important to treat your body well and to be in touch with it. Proper body function will improve your physical and emotional health, making you healthier and happier. Checking in with your body is a way of giving yourself love and making yourself a priority in your life. You can perform a body check in by:


Meditation is a holistic practice that raises mental and physical awareness. It trains your body to be more aware and to cultivate an emotionally calm state. Meditation is typically practiced in the morning, however it is great to do at any point of the day. If you find yourself getting anxious as the day goes on, you may want to consider doing a midday meditation. This will help you to raise consciousness and to get in touch with the root of your anxiety, allowing you to be able to release it.

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If you are not typically active, you may have stiff muscles that are not functioning the way they are designed to. This can cause pain and discomfort, making it hard for you to focus and lead a more elevated life. Stretching is a great way get acquainted with you body. Our bodies are meant to be flexible, and you may be surprised to see how stiff you get when you do not make an effort to maintain your flexibility. Even stretching for 10 minutes a day will make a major difference in our body’s agility.


Like stretching, exercise is a fantastic way to check on how well your body is functioning. When I am having a bad day mentally, I like to exercise because it clears my mind and helps me to think clearer and more rationally. Exercise has a ridiculous amount of health benefits, both physically and emotionally. Our bodies are meant to be moved, and when we fail to give it what it needs, it will end up getting cramped and can cause many health aliments and diseases. You can combat this by implementing exercise on a daily basis. Remember that 5 minutes is better than no minutes.

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