Simple Healthy Habits That Will Improve Your Life

If you catch yourself feeling constantly tired, bloated, and scattered brained, chances are adding a little TLC to your day could go a long way for you. When I was a freshman in college I was constantly exhausted, hungry and a little anxious. At the time I thought maybe that was just what being an adult feels like (lol at 18 year old me). I soon discovered that this was really just a consequence of unhealthy habits, such as my poor diet and lack of sleep. I remember thinking to myself will I always be this way? What’s the point of doing anything if I’m doing it tired? Since then, I vowed that I would do whatever it takes to never feel that sluggish again. Small changes to my daily routine made a big difference in my overall energy.

Wake up early

I remember being so sluggish that I used to sleep through my 11am class (yikes). I could have gotten so much more done if I had woken up earlier and owned my morning instead of sleeping through it. When you conquer your morning, you elevate your entire day. Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day so if you want a day of full getting ahead, being productive, and strategic planning, wake up early. Most people are most productive in the morning so it’s best to be awake and working during your most productive hours. You can use the extra time to exercise, have a peaceful breakfast, listen to a podcast, or go for a walk. This simple, healthy adjustment to your day will propel your further in life. You’ll always feel like you’re behind if you’re not capitalizing on your days.


Meditation is a great way to get centered and start your morning. Even if you only have 5 minutes and you do it while laying in bed, you will still benefit from some meditation during your day. Concentrate on your breathing and the feeling of every part of your body. This will increase self awareness and clear your mind. I tend to follow Yoga With Adriene on Youtube because she has many meditations for various needs. This is a great source if you’re looking for a guided meditation ff you want to start your day feeling at peace. If you are looking for a guided yoga meditation, I recommend trying Meditation For Inner Peace.


If there’s any of these tips you should incorporate into your day, it’s journaling. Journaling gets you centered and clear minded so you can conquer your emotions and gain control over your life. If you’re not sure where to start, start by writing about how your feel, mentally and physically. This is great to do at the beginning of the day or right before bed. I leave my journal on my nightstand so I always remember to write down my daily reflections right before bed.

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Eat breakfast

The phrase “breakfast for champions” is said for a reason. If you want to be successful, you should be eating breakfast. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and improves concentration throughout the day. In college I ate a lot of starchy, oily, breakfast foods and was perpetually tired because of it. Not all breakfasts are created equally. If you want energy throughout the day ditch pancakes and syrup for oatmeal with fruit or a rice cake with peanut butter and a side of eggs. A healthy breakfast will give you energy and endurance throughout the rest of your day.

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Getting a workout in, whether it’s a marathon or taking a 30 minute walk, is crucial to have in your daily routine if you’d like to maintain a healthy life. When you exercise daily, you strengthen your physical body and your mental health, making you more equip to handle various situations that life throws your way. Exercise in the morning is a great way to start your day because it gets your blood flowing and your mind sharp and focused. I also like a midday workout because it gives me an energy boost when I may otherwise be starting to get sluggish and lazy.

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Limit Screen Time

If you want to sharpen your thinking and live a more creative, active life you need to put your phone down. Excessive screen time is mentally draining. It sucks out your creativity and leaves you in a cycle of consuming instead of producing. In addition, excessive social media use is also linked in depression. When you limit your screen time you do activities that activate your brain instead of leaving it foggy and lazy. Put the phone down and pick up a book or head outside instead.

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These small, simple changes will have a major impact on your life. If your current daily routine is void of any of these habits, you can start by incorporating one or two changes before you attempt you add them all. Limiting screen time is a great start because since you will be on your phone less, you will have more time to incorporate exercise, journaling, and other healthy habits into your routine. Comment below which healthy changes you would like incorporate into your daily life or which activities you already do and enjoy.

Let’s grow together.

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